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Emilio Ortega

Born in vibrant Barcelona, Emilio Ortega has the fire of culinary passion in his veins. This chef in love with the ember has explored five continents in search of gastronomic wisdom, absorbing the traditional techniques of each place. His love for smoke and authentic cuisine is reflected in CoquinariuSolutions and its innovative Smokers line, a project that represents his most personal essence. Ortega will pay homage to the art of smoke, focusing his proposal on the nuances and results that this element brings to the kitchen.

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Joan Bagur

Born in Menorca with a strong background in gastronomy. He worked in importants restaurants in Spain before falling in love with Mexican cuisine and going to the country where the taco is a religion. Inspired by the ancestral cuisine of Mexico, Joan returned to Barcelona to share his passion for authentic Mexican flavours. In his restaurant, Oaxaca Cuina Mexicana, he uses ingredients harvested from his Mexican produce garden to offer dishes full of tradition and flavour. Bagur has been recognised as a promoter of Mexican gastronomic culture for his commitment to spreading Mexico's rich culinary heritage. This Meat&Fire, Joan brings us passion, brings us purity and will take us to vibrate with the authentic Mexican flavours.

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Hideki Matsuhisa

Hideki was born in Japan and from his childhood he was surrounded by Japanese cuisine and sushi, as his father was a itamae (sushi master). He internalized his training and technique in Tokyo, but his creativity multiplied since his arriving to Spain and discovering its pantry; it was then that he decided to blend origin and environment with a very particular concept that would lead him to achieve a Michelin Star with Koy Shunka. Whenever there's a market nearby, nothing can go wrong; that's how Hideki's cuisine is, traditional in harmony with the surroundings and with creative touches.

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Davide Pecca

Davide comes from Italy and arrives at Meat&Fire to satisfy the most nostalgic palates who value traditional cooking and long for old recipes. Alongside his brothers, he leads Assaggeria KM431, where diners enjoy the tribute to sheep meat. His passion for meat stems from the Abruzzese tradition, and his cuisine is a tribute to what his homeland offers, to its environment. Davide aims to conquer all those seeking authentic flavors, lovers of slow cooking and live fire.

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Cesar Mory

Color, flavor, and environment, that's how César Mory's cuisine at the helm of Arraïtzes is described. César looks to his native Peru and interprets its roots with the pantry offered by his surroundings. Seasonal produce and fusion in a unique harmony that we can taste and celebrate with his dish of lomo saltado at Meat&Fire 2024.

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Genevieve Taylor

An expert in fire and barbecue, this chef and author of thirteen cookbooks has come from London to fulfil a mission: to promote conscious consumption and demonstrate that the ancestral technique of fire is a modern-day technique and not a struggle between meat and people.

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