Meat & Fire, the festival that fuses the magic of the grill with respect for nature. We celebrate the connection between producers, chefs and locals, immersing ourselves in the primary essence of gastronomy: fire.

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Meat & Fire is born with the vocation of bringing together the artists of fire and making us enjoy its magic. Chefs from all over the world, each with their own grilling culture, their own way of cooking and grilling, promise a unique festival.

But Meat & Fire is not only a gastronomic festival. Much more than that, we demand respect for the natural environment. We bring to the centre of society that culture of the countryside, in which there are still conscious farmers, who are connected to the land, to the animals they live with, who elaborate and take care of their healthy food and their wellbeing. These country people who, following the traditions of their ancestors and their territory, love what they do and can bring us these gastronomic gems.

For Meat & Fire, eating meat is and must be an act of meditation, of respect for this agricultural environment, for Nature, for its people and its animals. Eating meat consciously balances the natural world and generates fairer and healthier social models.

Meat & Fire breaks chains, those chains that are wrongly called "food chains" and that the only thing they do is to speculate with the work of our farmers and breeders, turning food into an industrial and acculturated product. By skipping the middlemen, we know and learn to eat responsibly. We believe that a conscious and knowledgeable society is a more balanced, freer and, for sure, happier society.

Meat & Fire connects producers, chefs and locals.

Meat & Fire immerses us in primary gastronomy, in the origin of cooking, fire.

Meat & Fire is a party, a space for music, laughter, and friendship.

Cheers, good meat and good fire!

1st Edition

Meat & Fire 2023 1st edition
Moll de la Fusta, Barcelona