Pablo Rivero's inclination for gastronomic culture begins at a very early age, driven by a family tradition associated with butchery and livestock production. It is in the fields of his hometown, Rosario, where he observes the wisdom of the cycles of nature and the relationship between the animal and the grass as a virtuous circle. He developed the cuisine of Argentine popular identity with two focuses: the territorial, with an emphasis on the grill and the fire; the immigration, with the porteño bodegón as an exponent. Pablo has been at the helm of Don Julio (#13 50 Best, 101Steakhouse restaurant and Michelin Guide) parrilla for 24 years. It is a space where the fire is always lit, waiting to melt in the ritual and magic of the traditional flavors of his land. In addition, he is also behind El Preferido, a project that lives from the season and the environment. Currently, the goal of Pablo Rivero and his team is to promote regenerative livestock farming and its positive impact on climate change.