Manu Yebras has been on fire for 30 years. Literally. His life has been linked to embers, grills, ovens and, of course, fire. CEO of the oven oven, Josper, owner and executive chef of the Pura Brasa and Chicken and Fish group, owner of the Guinness record for a legendary “carxofada” and a man committed to a job that never ends: to turn Josper into the world reference and to continue carrying the flag of the brand up and down the planet earth. Like a magician who has been perfecting his craft for many years, Manu flows in ovens and grills, is a virtuoso of sustainable charcoal, if you see him double or think they are twins, it is because he cannot stop moving, always looking for a way forward, one that is crispier and tastier. That's why, his figure is synonymous with commitment, energy and creativity: if Manu were an ember, there would be no way of ever putting it out.