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Javier Quiñones

Javier Quiñones is part of the Mömö, Kebab not Kebab team. Do not. expect a classic kebab, nor the famous Turkish dish, which is the king of street food par excellence. Nothing of the sort. Mömö is the gourmet evolution of this popular recipe. Meat cooked over charcoal, with taste and patience in a robata. The mixture of cultures is not the enemy of this gastronomic decontextualization either, all the culinary pop in one place and the question is not: why?, the question is: why. not before?

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Paloma Ortiz

Born in Mexico, with Oaxacan roots but raised in vibrant Mexico City, Paloma trained at the Culinary Institute of Mexico, located in the city of Puebla, where she represented her country at the Ika Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany. Ortiz continued her education to specialize in traditional Mexican cuisine.

For Paloma, the study of the roots and evolution of gastronomy is a true passion. She is a firm believer in the importance and relevance of building chains and networks between chefs and suppliers. In 2015, she moved to Spain, where she continued to promote the flavors and ingredients of her homeland in Oaxaca Cuina Mexicana, until she finally managed to realize her own project: Arranchera, where the chef invites us to a world full of respect and homage to traditions.

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Cristina Pérez

Daughter of the market, daughter of her environment. She grew up in the Boqueria, where her mother had a butcher's shop and was the only woman in Barcelona who butchered meat. She grew up surrounded by quality produce and that is why she became so. passionate about it that she decided to dedicate her life to cooking it and serving it in the best possible way. In short, hers is a return to the origins.

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Mikel Viñaspre

Mikel López de Viñaspre began his career as a grill cook in the best steakhouses in the Basque Country. He is indebted to a gastronomic past as rich as that of Basque cuisine and its marvelous products. More than 26 years ago, together with his brother Iñaki, he founded the SAGARDI Cocineros Vascos project with the clear objective of spreading the culture of traditional Basque cuisine throughout the world. Sagardi, from its beginnings until today, represents a story of love for the kitchen and the product of origin cooked over a slow fire, as the good things of this life are done, with a good. product, time, affection and a table to share.

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Xandra Luque

Xandra Luque has worked in some of the most emblematic kitchens of The spanish gastronomy, which led her to become interested in the nutritional world and food. Everything arises from an ambition to bring flavor, health and attractive food to one of the most special areas: healthcare.

Luque works at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra in Madrid offering a hospital food model based on creativity and offering all pal ates a quality gastronomic experience, because the act of eating should be an act to enjoy.

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Fabrizio Sergio

Fabrizio has been in front of the fire for 18 years. With an international career, the chef has been appointed president of the Uruguayan Association of Grillers, where he participates in the coordination of the World Grillers Tournament. His passion for fire has also led him to be a gastronomic consultant at Santa Clara, Abasto Cárnico nationwide, and to found the GAUCHOS project, a leading company in the development and production of events where fire is the protagonist. His legacy is to keep the tradition of fireworks alive in Uruguay.

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Pasquale Maravita

Pasquale, the passionate chef and owner of La Baita Steak House, is a key figure in the art of fire. His devotion to the embers has catapulted him as the leading grill master in Italy. From the kitchens of La Baita, Pasquale dazzles the world with a technique that makes grill lovers lose their minds. An undisputed reference in the world of grills, with an unparalleled selection of the best meats, exposed, cut, matured and cooked on the s pot.

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Rafa Zafra

Rural: Rafa Zafra's celebration of meat and land. After years of venerating the sea, he takes land to pay homage to the meaning of the land. Thus was born Rural, an ode to the primitive, to the origin and the essence of human food on earth. Rafa brings us from Madrid a little piece of his expertise in the world of meat.

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Alessandra Cingolani

Alessandra and “Lo spettacolo della carne”.The chef at the helm of Dupon MeatHouse defends every spark, where fire is a sacred element, an element to be treated with love and respect. She brings us from Rome a unique and authentic selection ofthe finest meats.

Cingolani is the queen of Dry Age, the famous ancestral maturation technique, andshe comes to Meat&Fire with a single mission: to continue to perpetuate the art ofgrilling and her commitment to gastronomic excellence.

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Javier Bricheto

The king of the Argentinean grill, that's how they call this native of Buenos Aires wholives in Madrid,whohas erected in Piantao the sanctuary of the asado, where thetraditional merges with the contemporary. Fire is his essence, he has personally designed and built his own grill to feel his beloved Argentina closer than ever. Brichetto arrives in Barcelona to worship theembers, respecting their rhythms and cooking as only Argentines know how: withdedicationand a fervent fire.

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